Thursday, April 2, 2015

Change in operating hours for *SCAPE

Dear Customers,

Please note with effect from April 1, 2015, our operating hours for *SCAPE have changed.
The new operating hours are:

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm - 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 12pm - 10pm.

Our inventory is constantly changing. For the latest up to date inventory, please drop by our outlets at either *SCAPE or Dawson.

Thank you.


Tipe Pedia said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi. I,m probabbly gonna buy a custom skateboard at scape how much will all of oit roughly cost my budget is$130

Anonymous said...

Hi,I would like to know the prices of a complete penny board 22',thanks!

Jack Toh said...

Hi do you guys sell pivot cup?

Anonymous said...

been to go sports skate shop at scape a few times and the staffs there always like to style check customers it make customers feel uneasy , don't think its the right way of doing customer services