Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Skateboard and Fingerboard Products!

We have TONS of new stuff this week so we'll try to get them all up as soon as we can.

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
- Super Silver Wide 2.0
-Jack Black Wide 2.0
-Big Mellow Wide 2.0
-Bright White Wide 2.0
-Rad Red
-True Blue
-Jack Black
-Mellow Yellow
-Super Silver
-Bright White

Blackriver Fingerboard Wide Low Shape @ $70 each
-Pornstorm Butz
-Wrinkler Sun
-Harrier Foid
-Flatface Zeph
-Flatface Jay
-Wood Wars

Blackriver Fingerboard Wide Shape @ $70 each
-Tongui Zombie
-Tongui Krake
-BRR Classic Skull

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Pornstorm Plaza @ $160 each
-Double Staircase Red @ $160 each
-D-Rex Ledge @ $160 each
-Funbox Kink Rail @ $160 each
-Pole Square red @ $40 each
-Pole Round Red @ $40 each
-Iron up Kink @ $48 each
-Iron up Square @ $48 each
-Iron Bike Rack @ $52 each
-Iron Round Low @ $45 each
-Iron Square @ $45 each
-Iron Shotgun @ $48 each
-Iron L Style Left @ $56 each
-Street bench @ 52 each
-Bench @ $35 each
-Box1 @ $35 each
-Box2 @ $46 eacg
-Box3 @ $43 each
-Mini Table @ $45 each
-Table @ $52 each
-Box7 @ $48 each

Fingerboard Magazine @ $10 each
TKY Bushings @ $17 each
First Aid bushings @ $17 each
First Aid Screws @ $9 each
First Aid Lock Nuts @ $25 each
First Aid bushings Uldimate Pack @ $35 each
Flashbone Camo Bag @ $70 each
Pissing Fingers DVD @ $30 each
Riptape Classic @ $17 each

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Blackriver Products Back in Stock

These are the Blackriver products available at the moment.

Berlinwood Fingerboard Wide Low Shape deck @ $70 each
-Wrinkler Sun
-Harrier Foid
-Flat Face Zeph
-Flat Face Jay
-Camo Neon
-Wood Wars
 -TKY Desk Rocker
-Pornstorm Butz

Berlinwood Fingerboard Wide Shape deck @ $70 each
-BR Classic Skull
-BR Camo Blue
-BR Logo White
-Shin Blackriver

 Berlinwood Fingerboard Classic Shape deck @ $70 each
-BR Anker Blk/Gold
-Sibbarp Love 03
-Logo Wrinkler
-BR Logo black
-Flatface Cyan
-Pornstorm Logo Black
-BW Logo Rasta

Berlinwood Fingerboard Low Shape deck @ $70 each
-Neon Explosion
-Neon Splash
-Neon Swirl
-Neon Triangle

Berlinwood Bowl Shape deck @ $70 each
-Omsa Beer Bowls BBQ
-Osma Living Dead
-Crazyleg Squirrel

Berlinwood Elias Assmuth Fingerboard Deck @ $56 each

Bollie Fingerboard Deck @ $38 each
-Rebel Rockers
-Freedom Hypno Love
-Peek Skyline
-Freedom Wulf Indian Spirit

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
-Rad Red
-Mean Green
-Bright White
-True Blue
-Mellow Yellow
-Jack Black

Bollie Fingerboard Trucks @ $30 a set

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67 a set
-Classics Black
-Classics White
-Big Daddyz

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Miniramp Wrinkler Dos @ $160
-Box 1 @ $35
-Box 2 @ $46
-Box 3 @ $43
-Box 7 @ $48
-Bench @ $35
-Ironrail round @ $45
-Ironrail L Style @ $52
-Iron Bike Rack @ $52

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fingerboard 'Park'

The Fingerboard 'Park' is finally up at *SCAPE!!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fingerboard Obstacle Course

24 Sep 2012 Update
We are still waiting for approval from SCAPE management. If  you have any comments/suggestions on the obstacle course, you can personally come down when the course is ready and let Uncle know.

21 Sep 2012 Update
We are still awaiting for approval from SCAPE management regarding the fingerboard 'park'. Let's hope they approve it soon! 

The Fingerboard obstacle course is almost ready. Keep checking back on when you guys can officially give it a go!

Q: When will it be ready?
A: Hopefully in a week's time

Q: There is no flow to this course.
A: This 'park' is design to let as many people play on it as possible. It is not built as a flow 'park'. There will be some selfish fingerboarders who will want to hog the entire course and the non-flow system is meant to stop them from doing so.

Q: I don't think this 'park' is going to work, can i provide feedback?
A: Yes, you can give uncle feedback when the 'park' is up. For now, do not send us emails regarding this.

So keep checking back on it and hopefully you will be able to find it at GOO in a week's time! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

New This Week! Fingerboard and Skateboard

Berlinwood Fingerboard Low Wide Shape @ $70 each
-Harrier Foid

Berlinwood Fingerboard Classic Shape @ $70 each
-Anker White/Gold
-Love me Arm
-BW Rasta Logo
-BW Logo Wood
-Tougui Lost Fingers
-BR Pirat

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67 a set
-Big Daddy'z
-Classics White
-Classics Black

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Ironrail Low Round @ $45
-Iron Pipe Low @ $48
-Iron Shotgun Low @ $48
-Ironail L Style Left @ $52
-Pole Round Red @ $40
-Pole Square Red @ $40
-Ironrail T Style Black @ $52
-Box1 @ $35
-Box2 @ $46
-Box3 @ $43
-Box 5 @ $85
-Mini Table @ $45
-Bench @ $35

Riptape Classic @ $17 a pack
First Aid Screws @ $9 a set
First Aid Bushings @ $17 a set
First Aid Lock Nuts @ $25 a set
First Aid Single Hanger @ $25 each.