Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kevin Long's Video

In support of the launch of Emerica Pro, Kevin Long's pro model shoe - the Spanky, Donny Miller; Emerica friend and artist extrordinaire has created a video of Kevin skating 24 miles from downtown LA to the Beach. So log on and have a look!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why does Go Sports only use Jessup Griptape?

Here at Go Sports, every deck you buy comes with FREE griptape. We do not use lousy **** ass grip that peels and wear out in no time. We use only JESSUP Griptape.

This is why jessup is the best griptape for your deck;
  • Jessup has been making grip since 1975, that is over 32yrs of experience in making quality griptape.
  • They have made over 70 million feet of griptape; equivelant of gripping over 25 million decks!
  • Jessup tape sticks tricks! Their grip gives you a stable platform for ultimate control!
  • Their laminated and Solvent Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Layers create rock-solid bonding to all boards in any environment. Jessup sticks to your board no matter what!
  • Their "SUPERTOUGH" Silicon Carbide Grip Formula conforms to all deck concaves, is easy to trim out, and won't tear like other tapes.
  • Jessup Silicon Carbide grit never wears out, and will outlive any grip tape in the world!

So, why bother with the lousy stuff? Ask for your FREE Jessup griptape the next time you buy a deck!

For more information about Jessup Griptape, go visit:

(Note the emphasis on the word FREE, some shops make you pay for grip)

Rockit Skateboard by Tracker

ROCKIT SKATEBOARDS - by Tracker Trucks.
These Rockit decks were made at the very same San Diego factory that originally made them 30 years ago. Wheel wells are period correct, decks are flat with single kick and graphics are screen printed on top and bottom.

Completes feature the following components:
• Rockit 7ply 28 x 7.25 inch dec
• Tracker classic MidTracks
• Tracker .25 inch riser pads
• Tracker precision bearings
• 63mm Tunnel Rock wheels
• Custom cut Rockit grip tape
Price: SGD$250.00

Blind Eternal Life

  • Blind Eternal Life Deck features TEXALIUM, a composite weave technology made up of aluminium and epoxy glass, embedded internally into the Deck.

  • Blind Eternal Life comes with the 90 Day Warranty against Breakage.

For more information about the 90 Day Warranty, please vist:

Almost Impact Support Deck

Picture A

  • Almost Impact Technology creates a new form of rigidity without compromising the feel of a standard 7 ply. This extends the life of a deck dramatically while maintaining ultimate pop lasting twice as long as a normal Deck.

  • All Impact Decks comes fitted with special composite Carbon Fiber reinforced disc that is not only super strong but also ultra light.

  • The Carbon Disc acts as a strong and upholding threshold for the typical break points of a deck. See Picture A .

  • All Impact Support Deck comes with 30 day Guarantee only against breakage of the disc and areas around the disc.

For more information about the 30 Day Guarantee, pls visit:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Indy Stage 10 Trucks

Introducing the New Independent Stage 10 Trucks.

Haslam Pro Model

Key features -
* Baseplate change only. The holes in the baseplate have been removed to increase baseplate durability. It's the perfect balance between lightweight and durability. "INDE-Structable" baseplate.

*No change in the hanger, it's a proven performance design

In Stores this week

We have tons of stuff coming in this week, here's a sneak preview to what to expect. Goodies will be in stores Wednesday 25 June.

Destructo Trucks

Indy Trucks

Tensor Trucks

Almost Decks

DGK Decks

Enjoi Decks

Speed Demon Decks

Saturday, June 21, 2008

21 June: Go Skateboarding Day 2008

On June 21, Go Sports celebrated Go Skateboarding day with our very own S.K.8 competition and congratulations to our Team winners, Dan and Xuan.

Our fancy sign up sheet
(L) Head Judge; Juffrie, (M) Coach; Meh,( R) Judge; Wallace
Coach Sop not happy with Head Judge's decision
Go Skateboarding Day 2008
Winner; Dan and Xuan
Prizes: A deck, t-shirt, drinks and cup noodles!

1st: The A Team - Dan and Xuan
2nd: Team Screamer - Fanmi, Harith
3rd: The Fly Society - Hugo, Austin

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crailtap Limited Edition Complete

Limited Edition Crailtap Old school Complete.
Width 7.875 comes packaged in custom made crailtap box

Watch Guy Mariano skate the crailtap board

GSS Sale now on at OG

We are now slashing the pricing for our past season shoes. We have DVS, LAKAI, ES, EMERICA and ADIO shoes to clear. Everything has to go. $99 or $69.90 a pair. So hurry down and have a look!

DVS Taylor
Usual: $119
Now: $99

Emerica Francis
Usual $129
Now: $99

ES Square one
Usual $129

Lakai Mariano
Usual: $149
Now: $99
Lakai Mariano
Usual: $149

DVS Rogers
Usual: $129
Now: $99

Monday, June 9, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome to our blog

Go Sports have finally gone online! It is no fancy website with flying pictures and blinking lights. It is simple and it gets to the point. Exactly the way we run our business. No gimmicks and no pretense. We just let our products do the talking.

Our products are 100% genuine, imported from all over the world. Go Sports slogan is real stuff, NO FAKES. We do not sell fake products. This is why we are still in business today, after 20 years.

You can buy our products at any of our branches. If you really really really need to something, but can't leave your house because you are so grounded for skating too much, let us know. If you are buying from overseas, drop us a line and let us know how we can help.

We will constantly update you on the latest competitions and events happening at home and also around the world.

So, do come back regularly for your skateboarding fix !

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

June Latest

Flip Decks

Mystery Decks

Plan B

Zero Decks

Flip Decks

Blind Eternal Life

Almost Decks

Monday, June 2, 2008

Tensor Trucks

Raw - Mid

Rodney Mullen - lo

Red/white - lo

Magnesium response - lo

Magnesium slider - lo

Magnesium Slider - lo

Baby blue/light blue - lo

Daewon Song - lo

Enrique Lorenzo - lo

White/Green - lo

Rodney Mullen - lo