Thursday, December 15, 2011

Job Vacancy

We are looking for part timers who are at least 16, eager to learn and can work from 11am - 5pm on weekdays at least twice a week for a minimum period of 3 months.

If you are unable to fulfil the criteria of working from 11am - 5pm on weekdays, do not apply. We WILL NOT consider you for the job.

Interested applicants, please send in your resume with the following.
-Contact number
-Photo of yourself
-What you are currently doing. Studying/working etc
-Your CCA/after school activities
-What do you do in your free time.
-Working experience

Application date closes 25 Dec.
Put in subject heading: Part Time Work.
Anyone who does not have the correct subject heading will also not be considered for the job.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blackriver products back in stock!

We don't hold reservation for blackriver products. So if you want anything, come down soon. We have very limited quantity for the bigger blackriver ramps.

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Mini Table @ $42
-Box5 @ $56
-Box6 @ $105
-Funbox @ $135
-Jay ramp @ $75
-Eurogap round rail @ $155
-Box2 Reloaded @ $46
-Mike Schneider Signature Ramp @ $145
-Street Plaza Dos @ $175 (1 piece only)

Berlinwood Fingerboard Deck @ $70
-Rollbrett Mission Game
-Sibbarp Love 02 Corner
-Asi Berlin Dimi
-BR Logo Blue
-BR Anker Blk/Gold
-BW Logo Green
-BW Logo Rasta
-Logo Wrinkler
-BR Logo Black
-Flatface BW Cyan
-Elias Assmuth @ $56

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67
-Blackriver Edition Black
-Blackriver Edition
-Timo Lieben Classics
-Big Daddy's White

Flatface Fingerboard Wheels @ $45
-G6 'turkis'
-Blackriver Edition
-Blackriver Edition ' Gold'

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
-Mellow Yellow
-Mean Green
-Super SIlver
-Rad Red
-Bright White
-Jack black
-True Blue

Saturday, November 19, 2011

New This Week!

We'll get the images of the fallen shoes up soon, meanwhile, you can check them out at their respective stores.

Fallen shoes @ Redhill
-Forte (obsid/red) @ $129
-Bomber (blk/green) @ $119
-Clipper (blk/wht) @ $129
-Clipper (Skateistan) @ $129
-The Easy shoe (blk/rainbow) @ $129
-Mission (Blk/Denim) @ $129

Fallen shoes @ *SCAPE
-Forte (blk/silver/blue) @ $129
-Slash (obsid/cyan) @ $139
-Bomber (blk ops) @ $119
-Clipper (blk/grey/royal) @ $129
-The Easy ( dk green/red) @ $129
-Victory (blk/red) @ $129
-Rookie (blk/wht) @ $139

Fallen shoes @ OG
-Slash (blk/taffy) @ $139
-Corsair (Blk/red2) @ $139
-Bomber (blk/wht2) @ $119
-Clipper (blk/lime) @ $129
-Rookie (charcoal/purple) $139
-Mission (blk/gum) @ $139

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Berlinwood Back in Stock

Berlinwood Fingerboard Deck @ $70 each
-Shin Bubbles
-Albertros White
-Shin Japan
-BR Pirat
-BR Don't Panic
-BR Anker White/Gold
-BR Camo Red
-BW My name is
-Flatface BW Cyan
-FB Magazin White

Bollie Fingerboard Deck @ $43 each
-Freedom Hypno Love
-Rollbrett Mission

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 a set
-Mellow Yellow
-Mean Green
-Rad Red
-Bright White
-Jack Black
-True Blue

Blackriver Ramps
-Mini Table @ $42
-Square Iron rail @ $43
-Round Iron rail @ $43
-Kink Iron rail @ $43
-Box5 @ $56
-Box4 @ $42

Friday, October 28, 2011

Prowood Fingerboard back in stock

Our Prowood Fingerboards are back in stock. You can get them at either Redhill or *SCAPE.
Berlinwood/Blackriver will be in next week. You can drop us an email with your contact or leave your contact at either SCAPE or Redhill and we'll let you know when stock is in.

Prowood Fingerboard Graphic Deck @ $25 each
- Fingerprint Logo
- Twin Finger Blue
- Rastadelic Fat
- Shachar
- City
- Graffitti
- Caution

Prowood Fingerboard Graphic Deck @ $30 each
- Crisp Wildwood
- Henkel Wildwood
- WIld Rose
- TDubbs Wildwood

Prowood Fingerboard Graphic Deck @ $40 each
- I love Prowood

Prowood Fingerboard Classic Blank Deck@ $20 each
- Exotic Zebra
- Red
- Pink
- Green
- Blue
- Wood
- Black

Prowood Fingerboard Extreme Blank Deck @ $22 each
- Red
- Green
- Pink
- Black

Prowood Fingerboard Venti Blank Deck @ $22 each
- Turquoise
- Yellow
- Blue
- Black

Prowood Fingerboard Pro Trucks @ $18 a set
- Blue
- Chrome
- Red
- Green
- Gold
- Yellow

Prowood Fingerboard HP Pro Trucks @ $30 a set
- Gold
- Chrome

Prowood Fingerboard Classic Bearing Wheels @ $32 a set
- Blue
- Green
- Red
- Purple

Prowood Fingerboard Speedster Wheels @ $42 a set
- Black
- White

Prowood Fingerboard Twin Bearing Wheels @ $52 a set
- Black
- White

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Fingerboard and Skateboard products in stores.

Oct 20 2010 Update
We are sold out of all our Prowood and Berlinwood Decks. New stock should be in by month's end. You can drop by any of our outlets to leave your name and number or email us at and we will msg you when they come in. Thanks.

We finally have Deathwish and Shake Junt Products in stores. We've got the entire range like
-Wax and much more.

Berlinwood Fingerboard Deck@ $70 each
-Logo Rasta
-Logo Blue
-Sibbarp Love 2
-Shin Bubbles
-Classic Skull
-Hello my name is
-Camo Blue

Blackriver Fingerboard Trucks @ $100 each.
-Mean Green
-True Blue
-Mellow Yellow
-Bright White

Wrinkler Fingerboard Wheels @ $67 a set
-Blackriver Edition
-Blackriver Black Edition

Blackriver Fingerboard Ramps
-Bench @ $35 each
-Minitable @ $46 each
-Box4 @ $42 each
-Rail @ $43 each

Blackriver Fingerboard Tool @ $25 each
Blackriver First Aid Bushings @ $17 a set
Riptape Tuning set @ $17 a set

Monday, October 10, 2011

We need your help!

We need your help to solve a burglary!

Someone stole a carton of deathwish decks, wheels, bearing, hardware, graphic mob grip outside the Redhill shop.

We are offering a $500 cash reward to the individual who can lead us to the whereabouts of these products or the culprit who stole it. We must be able to find the products/catch the person red handed with products before we reward the cash reward.

Anyone with information can call 64753922, or you can send us an email @

You will remain anonymous, and if your tip leads to an arrest/finding of the products, you will receive a $500 cash reward

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Promotion @ SCAPE

Get a *FREE $20 voucher with $100 spent @ *SCAPE!

*Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Voucher can only be use to offset on your next purchase

  • Voucher cannot be combined

  • Minimum spending of $40 before voucher can be used

  • Customer is entitled to maximum redemption of 1 voucher per day.

  • Voucher cannot be used on offer item

  • Voucher is only redeemable at *SCAPE

  • Voucher is on first come first serve basis

  • All other terms and conditions on voucher apply

New This Week!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prowood fingerboard back in stock!

Prowood Fingerboard blank deck, Classic shape @$20 each
-Exotic Zebra

Prowood Fingerboard blank deck, Venti Shape @ $22 each

Prowood Fingerboard blank deck, Extreme Shape @ $22 each

Prowood Fingerboard Graphic deck, Classic Shape @ $25 each
-Prowood Logo

Prowood Fingerboard Graphic deck, Classic Shape @ $40 each
-Luck of Irish

Prowood Fingerboard Truck Set @$18 a set

Prowood Fingerboard HP Pro Trucks @ $30 a set

Prowood Fingerboard Unfinished molded deck @ $18 each

Prowood Tuning Kit @ $7

Protape @ $3 each. Classic and Super Thin