Saturday, March 27, 2010

Theeve trucks

Introducing the latest truck to hit our shores

Model: TiAX
Theeve has created the world’s first 6/4 Titanium axle truck. TiAX Titanium axles are 40% lighter and 2 times stronger than standard steel axles. This gives you a weight saving and less chance of bending axles. Titanium / alloy blend with non-slip 6/4 Aerospace grade Titanium axles, Grade 8 king pins and Bones® Hardcore Bushings™ standard.

Weight: 312g
Size: 5" and 5.25"
Price: $135 a pair

Model: CSX
Theeve’s take on a classic truck with a twist. Titanium / alloy blend with non-slip cro-moly steel axles, grade 8 king pins and Bones® Hardcore Bushings™ standard

Weight: 345g
Size: 5" and 5.25"
Price:$95 a pair

For more information about theeve trucks, go to

Friday, March 19, 2010

Skateparks and Street Spots in Singapore

We are trying to compile a list of all the skateparks as well as street spots in Singapore. We would really appreciate if you guys can help us with it!

Here's what we need
  • Name of the park/street spot
  • A photo of the spot
  • Directions from the nearest MRT
  • A little writeup on the place. Good/no good? Bad flooring etc
  • Your name so that we can give credit to you

Please help so we can get this list up and going and share it with everyone.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Job Applications

Thank you to everyone who submitted their resume to Go Sports. The number of applicants we received was way beyond our expections so it has taken us some time to get back to everyone regarding the job application. We have started sending out interview dates for successful applicants and for those who have not been shortlisted, we have also sent out emails to inform you so.

If you have not receive an email from us, relax! Everyone will be informed of their application status by Tuesday March 16 2010. Should the date come and go and you still have not been informed of your application status, please contact us.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New this Week

We have been so busy unpacking all these new stuff over the last few days, its crazy.

You need manchester select? You've got it. 5 colorway for you to choose from.
You need Mike Mo's first pro model shoe? We've got it.
You need some new sandals for the beach? We have it
You need some cool headphones for skating? It's finally here.
You've got a lil bro or sis who needs shoes? 7 eye catching colors available now.

We also have tons of new Lakai, DVS, Matix tees, jeans, caps, wallets, belts, socks, accessories etc.

Headphones only available at OG

We've also got new Enjoi, Almost, Darkstar, Speed demon, Tensor Magnesium. Check them out below!

To Planzero who was looking for the Enjoi Icecream backpack, its finally here. You can get it at either MD or OG.

Monday, March 1, 2010

New This Week!

We also have lots of new eS, Emerica, Altamont apparel, jeans, caps, wallets, bags etc etc. Check them out at both OG and MD!